Product Detail

SMA - 201

  • Sealing speed: 2.5 sec. / cycle
  • Arch size (W x H): standard 850 x  600 mm
  • Table height : 750mm.   
  • Strap width: 9 - 15mm (state in PO).
  • Tension strength: 5 – 80 kg N/cm2.
  • Power supply: 220V - 1PH - 50/60Hz

Detailed description

  • A fully automatic strapping machine with free rollers on working table that the package can move easily.
  • Operating it by 4 ways: using foot pedal or press START button on control box, or let package touch the ball switch on working table, machine will automatically thread the strap, pull out to tighten, sealing and cut off to finish a cycle. In another way, we can set up the time to repeat a cycle to strap.
  • Can choose the machine controller by PC Board or PLC
  • Powder coating cabinet