Product Detail

JN - 740

  • Capacity: 12 pack/min.
  • Package length: min. 60mm, max.: 1,400mm
  • Strap width: 9mm – 15mm
  • Tension strength: 15 - 60kg N/cm2
  • Sealing time is adjustable: average 1.5 sec./time
  • Weight: 104 kgs
  • Dimension: (L x W x H) 895mm x 570mm x 735mm
  • Power source220V – 01 phase – 50/60 Hz – 180W (main motor)

Detailed description

  • Close-type semi auto strapping machine
  • Using PP strap.
  • Internal tension strength adjustment
  • Operation: put the package on the working table, thread the strap to touch the mocroswitch, then it will tight the package automatically, sealing and cutting out to finish a cycle. The components and parts can suffer the high moisture, be durable and stablely in long time using