Product Detail

CZ - 30T

  • Carton size (L x W):  250-530 x 150-400mm

a) H: 225 – 600mm ( H+ W/2, after folding and sealing the flaps)

b) H: 150 – 400mm

  • Tape width: 48 - 60 -70mm (state in the PO).
  • Air supply: 6kgf/cm2 (customer equipped air compressor themselve)
  • Capacity: 20-30 boxes/min.
  • Weight: 400kg.
  • Power supply: 220V –  50Hz – 500W.
  • Environment condition : huminity ≤98%, temperature 0-40O.
  • Equiped with alarm when empty cartboard on tray.
  • Machine dimension : (LxWxH) 2,500 x 1,220 x 1.750 mm.

Detailed description

  • A new design of horizontal erector in high speed machine.
  • This is a fully auto folding machine and seal the below claps with adhesive tape. It usually connect to behind carton sealing machine to complete seal the box.
  • Using high quality components: cylinder, regulator valve, pneumatic control valve: AIRTAC, air time-delay commutator: FESTO…