About Us

We are proud of being one of the top companies that is trusted with the field of packaging equipment from Taiwan including Sealing machine, Strapping machine, Carton sealing machine, Pallet wrapping machine, code date printer, shrink wrapping machine,….

Our business objective focus on quality above all. Viet Tan always sources from reputable manufacturers to satisfy the customers. We aim for the consistence in production conditions to give the customers the best response. Furthermore, we have close support from manufacturers on the distribution of goods in Vietnam. Therefore, feedback from the consumers have always been considered seriously so that the machinery would reach the most perfect quality

We especially focus on the customers ‘satisfaction after the purchase. Viet Tan experienced and well trained technical team always handle problems in the shortest possible time, ensuring not affecting production schedule. We also prepare various kinds of spare parts to supply based upon requirements from the customers.

Customers will certainly be assured with the professional consult from our sales staff. Our staff, whose enthusiasm and broad understanding of machinery, are always ready to consult the customers the appropriate devices that satisfy both price and quality.

Satisfaction from our current loyal customers have given us the confidence to stand out the competitive market. We now long for the opportunity to serve our business partner with all the potential resources that we have.

Believe that your orders are always well processed and taken care.



Our Clients

We have really great clients. More than 1000 companies have chosen us as a close and stable supplier

Our Suppliers

We've developed key strategic relationships with industry-leading suppliers in order to provide our customers with the latest packaging technologies and innovations at the best cost



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